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Sensual Homage: An Artistic Exxxperiment.

This series began just as the subtitle says, as an experiment. I have always wanted to create Art based on erotica, however, either I didn't allow myself the time or part of me was afraid to venture in such territory.

Now what began as an experiment with subject matter, has become a series that I will break into two phases. Phase One is almost completed and they are what you see below this text.

The reason that I named this "Sensual Homage" is because I am using the reproductive, nourishing, and just all around sexiness of the African woman and paralleling it with the beauty and fertile Nature of Africa and of the continent being the root of all human life. Just as Africa produced humanity, humanity comes from the womb of a woman. Most importantly, humanity traces back to the womb OF an African woman.

I hope you not only enjoy this series as much as I've enjoyed creating it, but also see my Love for the African woman and see the Artistic nature of this very sensual homage to Africa.

Bless. Selah

"From Whence Life Comes"

"Cradle of Life"


"Pleasure the Root"



"The Booty Don't Lie Bout the Root"

"Nourishment II"

"The Booty Don't Lie Bout the Root II"

"Nourishment III"

"Pleasure the Root II"

"Beauty-Full II"

"Nourishment IV"

"Nourishment V"

"Nourishment VI"

"Taste the Root"



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