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June 2013



Check out the wonderful spread in Baton Rouge's "The Advocate" newspaper on Antoine GHOST Mitchell as he discusses his graphic novel "Sankofa's Eymbrace!"




natural woman Check out the interview with Antoine GHOST Mitchell conducted by Cindy Hurst, director of the beautiful documentary "Natural Woman" and host of the Natural Woman Radio Show!




March 31, 2013

The PoeArtry Creative Movement has officially become a registered LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) as of February 18, 2013.

PoeArtry Creative Movement (PCM), LLC is the official brand that encompasses everything about Antoine GHOST Mitchell ranging from Visual Art and Spoken Word Poetry to motivational speaking. We look forward to building with other organizations and artists who would like to use their creative talents in working for the betterment of humankind.


Antoine GHOST Mitchell will have his traditional artwork exhibited at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library: Baker Branch throughout the months of March and April. Many of his pieces, such as the HERO series, can be seen here as well as many others.


In the month of April at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library: Jones Creek Branch, PoeARTry Creative Movement, LLC will give you a rare opportunity to experience the world of "Sankofa's Eymbrace," the Graphic Novel in the making by Antoine GHOST Mitchell. This will be a Conceptual Art Exhibition and will feature early and current concept and promotional artwork surrounding the world of "Sankofa's Eymbrace."

There will be a special Art Reception on Saturday, April 27th 2013 from 2pm to 4pm.


In the Month of May at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library: Scotlandville Branch, PoeArtry Creative Movement, LLC presents "Wife Queen," a Visual Arts Exhibition featuring art inspired by Erica "Ayxa" Williams, the Wife-Queen of artist Antoine GHOST Mitchell.

More information will be released very soon.


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