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Example of a portrait.      Example of a concept.

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Promotional Work

Example one Example two Example three.

Promotional work includes projects such as corporate identiy packages, logo designs, CD Covers, flyers, etc. Note: I am NOT responsible for printing. If you are in the Baton Rouge area you will be emailed and also given a physical disc with your files on it. If you are not in the Baton Rouge area, the printalbe files and all files included in your project will be emailed to you. If the files are too large to email, a disc will be mailed to you.

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Shoe Artwork

Example one Example two Example three Example four

Shoe artwork is done on canvas material shoes such as Chuck Taylor Converse Tennis Shoes using Acrylic paint. Prices are lower if the client provides their own shoes. Prices increase with shoes that are not canvas material because of the prep work involved.

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Example one.  Example two.

Illustrations range from traditional media (pencil, pen, inks, etc) to digital media (adobe photoshop, painter, etc) and are book covers and/or pages. All book pages are drawn on 9.5 x 12 paper unless otherwise specified. Book covers include titles and other specific information. Digital illustrations are hand drawned, sometimes inked, and scanned and colored digitally using a graphics program such as Photoshop and/or Painter.

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When contacting me, please include your name, email, subject, and a brief description of what you would like me to do for you. I encourage you to please also leave a contact number so that we can verbally discuss your commission or any other situation you may have. Your info will NOT be shared with ANY third parties. Your information is strictly confidential. Feel free to contact me: 225 933 7090. Reference photos that you would like me to use can be emailed to: Payments can be discussed privately at the aformentioned phone number.

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