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Who is Antoine GHOST Mitchell?

Antoine Dijion Mitchell, known as GHOST, (God Holds Our Souls Together and Genocide Hinders Our Survival Tactics) is a visual artist and spoken word poet originally from the small East Feliciana Parish town of Norwood, Louisiana. He graduated from Jackson High School in 1999.  In the fall of that same year GHOST attended the Art Institute of Houston, graduating with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design in September 2001.  Yet, it would not be until GHOST enrolled in Southern University’s Fine Arts Department (2007 Graduate) that he would find his artistic voice. 

Antoine often acknowledges that Southern University of Baton Rouge was the greatest decision that he made both artistically and academically.  At the Southern he learned about African and African American art, artists, and history—which was something he never learned during 12 years of grade school and 2.5 years at the Art Institute of Houston.  The education GHOST received shaped his subject matter to capturing not only the beauty of Black people, but also the tragic histories and present day atrocities that could be attributed to the lasting effects of slavery.  One of Antoine GHOST Mitchell’s main artistic goals is to use his art to share information that is often hidden, distorted, or strategically written out of history books.  He feels that both Blacks and Whites suffer from the mis-education about diasporic African history/experiences and thus, leads to many of the mental, social, and political problems of the present day where racism is so strategically institutionalized in the very fabric of everyday living.

Since 2004 Antoine Mitchell exhibited in many places throughout the Baton Rouge ranging from different East Baton Rouge Parish Library Branches to Southern University’s own Frank Hayden Art Gallery.  He has also participated in an art exhibition at the Stella Jones Art Gallery in New Orleans, as well as the grand opening of the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum in Hammond.  While at Southern University he organized Profile of a Black Woman which is a one night exhibition dedicated to the beauty and strength of African and African American women who play a very strong role in not only Antoine’s art, but also his life.  Antoine has done this one-night exhibition three times since its conception and seeks to have it once more.   

GHOST has also had many opportunities to speak and display at different grade schools. To the artist, this has been one of his greatest experiences.  What he learned is that while many of us bicker about racial, cultural, and social differences, at the end of the day it is the children who suffer.  When children of other races received his deep subject matters genuinely and inquisitively, it showed GHOST that his art can be used as an intermediary for artistically addressing very real problems in which children are often misinformed about.
The weapons of choice, as GHOST refers to his artistic mediums, are mainly Graphite Drawing Pencils and Color Pencils. However, the artist is known also for mixing different mediums such as pencil, charcoal, and acrylic paint depending on the subject matter of the work.  When not creating visually, GHOST is known for performing spoken word poetry to craft his message of love, pride, and telling the stories of his Ancestors, as well as oppressed People around the world.  Whether GHOST chooses to accomplish this visually or poetically, he does it unapologetically, while at the same time the artist attempts to balance out his often heavy messages with honesty and humility. 

It would be remissive to not mention the battery that powers Antoine GHOST Mitchell to be involved in various projects. Always a motivation and an honest ear and voice is Antoine's beautiful Wife-Queen, Erica "Ayxa" Williams whom GHOST met in 2005 and later married in May 2007. GHOST credits her as being his best support factor being that Erica is very honest and has made many sacrifices to ensure that Antoine achieves his goals.

Antoine GHOST Mitchell hopes that all of his art can touch and bring together the human family as a whole into an understanding that is often lost in the murkiness of social, political, and cultural confusion.  Truthfully…this only scratches the surface of WHO Antoine GHOST Mitchell is…

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