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What is is the official Visual Art and Spoken Word Poetry web headquarters of myself, Antoine GHOST Mitchell.  Here you will be able to view many of my visual art works which includes HERO, The Maafa, Afro Blue, Profile of a Black Woman, Conceptual Work, Art Commissions, Digital Art Work, Shoe Art, and Graphic DesignYou will also be able to listen to the my entire recorded Spoken Word Poetry catalog.

If you are interested in purchasing art prints, I've attempted to make it very convenient to shop as well. When visiting a particular gallery here on the site, art that has prints available will have a “Buy Now” directly underneath the picture.  If you are interested in purchasing Spoken Word Poetry albums, you may purchase directly from the Bandcamp page that the Spoken Word Poetry albums appear on.   

Want to know what’s the latest news involving Antoine GHOST Mitchell? Simply click on the News” link and stay current with the artist.  You may also check out his resume, as well as read different news articles about me from the last few years. 

Interested in contacting me for an art commission? Just simply click on the “Contact” link toward the top of the Destination Page and it will give you many ways to reach me. 

Coming soon to will be Sankofa’s Eymbrace, the official webpage of my comic book graphic novel in the making. Also coming soon will be Cowries by Ayxa, the official webpage of the handmade Cowrie Shell Jewelry crafted by Erica “Ayxa” Williams-Mitchell, my very beautiful Wife-Queen. has undergone many changes since its conception in the summer of 2005.  I've taken the site and rebuilt it from the ground up in order to provide you with a sleeker, simplistic, but yet sensational experience.  Hopefully your experience will be long lasting and you not only return to visit, but also share with others as well.

Solidarity and Compassion. I Love You. Bless.



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